Working with Management

Empowering Management

Building value through constructive collaboration;
creating the right environment, support, and rewards for sustainable improvement.

Our Commitment to Management

Contribute to a Positive, Learning Environment

We encourage taking on new challenges and trying new paths.

Management’s accomplishments should be recognized and sacrifices appreciated in making the business successful.

Be Genuine Partners

We provide the tools and resources you need when you need them.

Consistency, respect, and flexibility are critical to management’s success. We make sure you get it.

Provide the Right Rewards

We create a path to success for everyone in the organization.

Good work should be rewarded through fair incentives and a sense of purpose for every employee.

Exploring New Paths

The right partner provides the confidence to pursue untapped opportunities.

One of our most important responsibilities is to foster an environment that encourages new approaches to releasing potential and the freedom to take different action. The greatest improvements in franchise power and performance usually require a new way of thinking. Our job is to support it.

Working Together to Unlock Value

The greatest success comes from executing a shared plan.

We take pride in our heritage of working successfully with management teams to develop a rigorous, process driven approach to planning and executing performance improvement. A shared plan with agreed upon milestones and objectives is the best way to foster consistent support for important initiatives that unlock opportunities. We utilize proven real-world tools and solutions to establish and measure progress of improvement initiatives.

“Private equity involvement with management can help build value, but it can diminish value as well. The key is always asking if our actions or requests will actually help management be more successful. It’s about knowing how and when to contribute, and when to leave people alone to get their jobs done.”

– Terry Theodore

Let’s Figure it Out Together

We all need good partners. We only get our job done when management succeeds. See how our approach builds success for everyone.

Let’s Discuss It