Investment Approach

Achieve a Higher Result

See the Other Potential, Find Another Path,
Work in a Different Way

Focus on Industrials

We only invest in what we know because we value your time, and ours.

We can move fast, act with certainty and be a value added investor for industrial businesses. With many years of collective industrial investment experience, we are a genuine partner with constructive input and solutions.

We Value Complexity.

To most, complexity is an obstacle. To us it is an opportunity.

The most rewarding opportunities are never simple. We bring equity capital, expertise and a constructive approach to navigate complex operational and transactional challenges.

Built to be Different

Success through Cooperation

We believe that a cooperative approach to finding shared solutions consistently results in better outcomes. We are focused on repeatable, long-term success as a trusted investor you want to work with.

Cooperation is a Big Deal to Us.

We are committed to constructive collaboration.

Whether working with management teams or advisors and intermediaries, we strive to be genuine partners. We know that a cooperative approach to finding shared solutions just works better.

Dependability can be Rewarding

We strive to be the investor you can depend on. It’s just good business.

We appreciate working with people who do what they say. We bet you do as well. We want to be the call you make when you need an investor you can depend on.

Our Approach to Auctions

We want to be asked back. We know that responsiveness, preparation, and honesty are the keys.

We strive to provide certainty through honest dialogue and doing the work. We will work hard to reinforce that we do what we say.

A Different Approach to Realizing Value

We seek to find unrealized opportunities and pathways to value creation.

We work to release “trapped value” by resolving operational or strategic challenges.

We work with management to explore unrealized or untapped opportunities.

Our Approach to Investing

The best opportunities are the ones that others don’t see. We believe significant value can be earned by navigating the complexity of misunderstood industries, challenging operations, complicated transaction structures or a stressed balance sheets. We provide equity capital, expertise and resources to Leading Industrial Franchises working through complex challenges to realize their full potential.

“Our strategy isn’t complicated, but it is comprehensive. It takes a depth of knowledge and experience to identify real opportunities and capitalize on them.”

– Ian Kirson

The Experience to Listen.

Real world solutions require thoughtfulness and compromise; being able to provide constructive input, and receive it just as well. Capabilities and resources are important, but we have learned that being a genuine partner means knowing how to listen.

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