Succeed Together.

More than investors, Genuine Partners.

A private equity firm committed to building stronger industrial Businesses through real partnerships. Dependable. Thoughtful. Collaborative.

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A History of Shared Success

Long term partnerships that strengthen industrial businesses.
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A History of Shared Success

Long term partnerships that strengthen industrial businesses.
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Finding the Right Opportunities, Together.

We only seek to invest in leading industrial businesses. Focus and experience allow us to move with speed and certainty.

Our history is working with leading industrial companies to improve and unlock value. We see potential where others may not look; and as a team we can find the right solution to the right challenge.

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Navigating Complexity, Together.

The expertise, resources and commitment to find the path forward that works for everyone.

Some operational and transactional challenges are hard. Where others may walk away, we know that results come from a dedication to finding a shared solution.

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Working and Achieving Goals, Together.

We want you to succeed with us.

You have your own definition of success. We know that a cooperative and thoughtful approach can find a path to success for everyone. We do what we say, so you know you can succeed with us.

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Empowering Management

When management has the tools, support, and incentives they need to do their best work, we all succeed. Our approach is to help when needed, and stay out of the way when not. We want people to have the power to do their jobs.

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Our Business Is Industry.

Supporting leading industrial franchises with equity capital and performance improvement resources is all we do. Center Rock provides the experience, focus and tools to Succeed Together.

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Our Team Works for Your Team.

We’re not just investors. We’re Genuine Partners. We’ve built an experienced team that shares a commitment to positive relationships, constructive solutions, and doing the hard work. A commitment to Succeed Together.

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Let’s Work Together.

At Center Rock, real success is shared. We only win when you win. Together we can get where you want to go. Connect with us about investment opportunities.

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