About Center Rock Capital Partners

A Team That Wants To Do The Hard Work

The Experience and Tools to Trust When it's Critical

  • A breadth of transactional expertise to close the most challenging deals
  • A commitment to active engagement plus the comprehensive processes and tools to support performance improvements in operations, strategy, commercial agreements, and systems
  • An expansive, well-established network of experts and resources providing leading insight and support across the spectrum of sales and operational challenges
  • A heritage of building productive relationships that are positive, respectful, and constructive with advisers, sellers, management teams, and employees
  • Understanding and experience to create opportunities for everyone… from the factory floor to the board room

We’ve Learned Some Important Lessons Along the Way

  • Listen first
  • Don’t just be a fan in the stands, go to where the real hard work is happening
  • Do what you say, and put in the work
  • It’s always about the team and there is room for everyone to be successful
  • A winning environment requires consistent, long term support
  • It’s important to know when to push, and critical to know when not to
  • Great firms are built with transparency, flexibility, speed, and credibility

Working Together

With Center Rock, taking on challenges and making progress is a shared endeavor. We carefully focus on how our teams will work together. Connect with us to learn more about our approach to constructive collaboration.

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