Recently, Kavita McCarthy – President of the E.J. Welch flooring division of Center Rock portfolio company The Merit Distribution Group, Inc. – gave an interview with the publication Floor Trends to share ten of the most important lessons she’s learned throughout her accomplished career in the building materials industry.

Kavita McCarthy was named president of E.J. Welch Company, a top-10 flooring distributor based in St. Louis, Missouri, in September 2021. She brings more than two decades of building materials experience to her role, most prominently within flooring, holding seven progressive roles at CCA Global Partners and ProSource Wholesale.


EJ Welch has been in growth mode through acquisition that has led to a reorganization of the business. CEO Mitch Jolley said McCarthy is tasked with elevating the brand, increasing touchpoints with customers and encouraging overall growth through additional acquisitions. 

“I always judge people in the room, not by the statements they’re making as often as the questions they’re asking,” Jolley said. “Kavita has that capacity to ask the right questions and find out where is the bottleneck and get it moving. Kavita follows through.” 

We caught up with McCarthy to find out what has influenced her career trajectory. Here are her top takeaways. 

1. Be okay with surprises

“The biggest surprise in my life is that I didn’t set out to go into marketing and business, and rather wanted to pursue the sciences. It was the career that chose me, and I’m extremely grateful to have found a career I love doing so much…

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